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MVP Clubhouse is pleased to announce that we have just received our Rapsodo Hitting 2.0 device and can not wait to share it with you! Watch the video below to learn all about our new technology that is ready to be used today!


Our Rapsodo Certified Instructors have received the proper training to be able to assist you and help you better understand the data that the Rapsodo Hitting 2.0 device produces.


Rapsodo Reports

After a hitting session Rapsodo will generate a report based on the method used to hit the ball. Different options include, soft toss, tee work, pitching machine, and batting practice. All available at MVP! If a Rapsodo Data Plan is purchased individuals will have access to detailed reports that show progress over time.

Launch Angle & Exit Velocity


3D Spray Charts


Zone Breakdown VS. LA & EV


All Rapsodo Rentals MUST BE BOOKED 24 HOURS IN ADVANCE. Call us at 570-387-1541 to schedule your Rapsodo appointment!

Pricing Options

Rapsodo hitting sessions are sold in packs and must be purchased at least 24 hours before your first use. Each session lasts for 45 minutes.


6&12 Month Member





6&12 Month Member





6&12 Month Member




Rapsodo Data Plan $50/Year ($25 Members)

Purchasing the Data Plan grants you your own personal Rapsodo account. This account gives you 24/7 access to all the data the Rapsodo unit captures and creates. With this data you are able to see your metrics and improvements charted over time. This data is invaluable to college coaches.

*The data plan is not required to use the Rapsodo device, however you will have to sign-in using a guest profile and will not be able to save or view your data once you leave the facility.

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